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×Sales, delivery and user, advertiser, visitor terms for this website

The pages of this site are designed for adults and may contain images and materials that some viewers find offensive. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you or if it is illegal to expose such material in your area / country — please leave the site. The following terms and conditions apply to this website. By using the website, you accept the following conditions: – I’m 18 years or older – I accept all responsibility for my own actions and – I agree to the legal validity of these rules and – I agree to read and accept the terms and conditions applicable on our site which are stated at the bottom of the site

When you use our website or pay for a advertising on our website/websites, or make registration, create user or advertiser account, or just visit the site, you do at the same time accept our “Terms”, “GDPR Privacy Policy” and “Site Notice“.

Remember! we are an advertising website only, we have nothing to-do with the services the advertisers provide. We are like, google, twitter, Facebook and many others, we offer and sell advertising and provide search only. If you had bad experience with an escort, make review on that escort’s ad, and tell your story there.
Recommendation: See only validated ads! and ads with good reviews! And never pay in advance for anything in your life!

User accounts:
It’s FREE to make and to use a user account on all RealEscort websites.
It’s free in some countries to advertise on RealEscort, look at the Prices page for more information on that.

Advertising: Ads are private
Your ad is private, this means only you may use it, you may not change person on your ad. If you do, it becomes a fake ad, as you cannot change your ad name, so if you are HANNA, you cannot change the ad name to something else, and you cannot use HANNA’s ad and just upload new pictures of some other person!!
Don’t break the rules, we delete ads that break the rules!

DO NOT! Edit your ad or account using customers computer, pad, phone, tablet or customers Internet connection! It will compromise your security and our system will see this as cheating. You mad be deleted!

Advertising: Don’t make new ad just to get on new ads page, over and over!
You are not allowed to make new ads for same person just to be listed in new ads page.
Don’t delete your ad, and then make new ad just to be listed in new ads page!
If you want to be shown more on our website, you should buy priority, category or frontpage days.
(if no days are available for you, you are to late, book sooner your stay! first come first serve!)
Don’t break the rules, we delete ads that break the rules!

Advertising: 1 Free ad per person, per free Country!
You are making more than 1 free ad for yourself, Don’t.
Its okay to make more ads for other persons, but don’t make 2 or 3 ads for yourself! in the free realescort countries

We offer 3 types of advertising ads.

1. Escort and Massage, Clubs and Clinics
For advertisers offering either incall or outcall sexual Escort/Massage services.
All other forms of advertising are not allowed in this ad type.

2. No sex ads
For ads that does not offer physical sex services, body massage, tantra, and other No Sex related services..
All other forms of advertising are not allowed in this ad type.

3. Online Sex
For those who offer only online virtual services like, webcam show, video chat, sexting, phone sex.
All other forms of advertising are not allowed in this ad type.
If you want to advertise for your “Snapchat, Instagram , Facebook, Onlyfans, Skype, Line“, its only allowed in this here ad type.!

Our website is for advertising the above listed items, nothing else!

Also don’t mention you offer illegal items at your location in your ad description/headline, blogs or anywhere on our website, like you offer viagra, kama jelly, Kamagra, its illegal to sell without a pharmacy license, that’s is something you only get with a perception from your doctor, you are not a doctor!

Break these rules and you will be deleted, maybe your account terminated, maybe even banned from our websites. So don’t do it!

Advertising: Your Ad headline and Description
E-mail or website names or links to other websites are NOT allowed here!
You are also not allowed to make advertising here for the purpose to have customer go to other website to talk to you!
(break these rules and we delete your ad no warnings)

If you do we will:
1. Deleted pictures from the ad or user account.
2. You will be offline until new pictures are uploaded.
3. You will maybe be given 1 warning in your support center, be forced to read it so there is no way you can say you did not get it!
4. Under latest updates all can now see you have been warned for fake pictures, this means you are no longer trustworthy, you will loose customers!
5. Upload fake pictures again and we will delete your ad, and you will lose: your settings, view stats, payments, reviews, blogs, all bookmarks from users, all blog subscriptions.. Everything will be lost!

(Of cores you can then if you like make a new ad, and start from scratch.
New ad, new payment, new everything!)

So please be professional, be REAL, this is “RealEscort” don’t upload fake pictures!.
Please see 14.1, fees may occur if you use fake pictures!

If you try to cheat in this process, by modifying the picture in photo editing programs (in any way!) or uploading fake pictures to your ad after validation, WE WILL DELETE YOUR AD, NO WARNINGS!

If you do we will:
1. Deleted your user account.
2. Deleted your ad or ads and your user account.
3. You will no longer be welcome on our sites, we will block you!
DO NOT! Let your customer make review from your account or borrow your computer!
DO NOT! Let your customer make review from your room, hotel or apartment.
DO NOT! Let your customer use your internet connection.
(Reviews are something your customer makes on his own time, when he is home, If you do not follow these rules you and/or the customer may have their account ad/ads deleted for cheating with reviews!)

You accept that if we publish your review, it will stay online as long as RealEscort wants. You cannot delete or remove it once it has been published. To delete or change a review at a later point in time would be wrong and unethical, you need to stand by your words!.

You also accept that we do not get involved in reviews. It will always be your words against customer, we do not get involved in reviews whats true and whats not, we are an advertising website, not police or court of law to determine who tell truth or not, so therefor you as per review rules accept them all god and bad or reject them all (you can disable reviews on your ad).

Warnings and break the rules/laws:
Our admins and supporters can give you warnings if you break the rules or our terms!

1. If you break our rules or terms you will be given maybe 1-2 warnings. Break them again, we will deleted your ad/user account. Any and all settings, payments, stats will be lost!

2. Warning are given to you via your customer center, you will be forced to read it so there is no way you can say you did not get it!

3. Manipulation with your ad views or other ways of trying to cheat our system to get better ad position is breaking rules and can or will result in us blocking your ad form that part or the website features and functions, and in worst case, we must deleting your account and or ad or ads from the website.

4 If you keep breaking the rules, and warnings has been given, we may also put a bann on your from our sites. Bann means you are no longer welcome on our website. You are no longer welcome to make account and or ads on our website. Any and all attempts on this we see, will be deleted without notice.

5 Fraud and scams, stealing from customers, and other unlawful acts if we have evidence of this, we will terminate your account, again like above: Any and all settings, payments, stats will be lost!.

Ad Travel-plan settings:
You are not allowed to misuse the travel-plan, to put in all locations in a country or most of them, that is not okay.
This is what travelplan is for, you can put in it:
1. Where you will that day.
2. Where you will also visit that day. (maybe ½ day you are in 1 region and then in another region the rest of the day)
2. Where you can go to that day, regions city/town, you can reach, you will drive to on request that day from your staying location.

It’s impossible for you to cover a big area like a hole country or most of it. It is cheating, and would disrupt our system and we would get complaints from customers living in those areas about advertisers say there are there when they are not. So don’t do it! if you do, we will disable you ad, if you continue, we will delete your ad.

18+ Disclaimer – Adult Content Disclaimer:
The pages of this website are designed for ADULTS only and may include pictures and materials that some viewers may find offensive. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you or if it is illegal to view such material in your community/country please exit the site. The following terms and conditions apply to this site. Use of the site will constitute your agreement to the following terms and conditions:

– I am 18 years of age or older
– I accept all responsibility for my own actions; and
– I agree that I am legally bound to these Terms and Conditions

All prices are without vat or service fees if nothing else is told. We also reserve the right for rising prices, monetary changes, force majeure, tax changes, fees, vat, typos, etc. at any time.

You cannot get Credit/money back that you have put in your wallet, it must be used on RealEscort.
It cost 5% currently to transfer Credit from 1 wallet Credit currency to another.

Once you have loaded money in to your wallet, you understand and agree that it is no longer real money, but RealEscort credit, we do however keep the currency letters/symbols to make it easier for you to understand and manage your RealEscort Credit, like EUR, USD, NOK, SEK, DKK and so on..

Old user accounts that are not used for more than 1 year, will get a warning that system wants to delete the account, if you take no action within 3 months, system then deleted the account and all Credits in the wallet are lost.

Deleting your user account all Credit you may have in your RealEscort Wallet will be lost.

Delivery Advertising:
Delivery happens right away over the Internet, or after the payment is received for example through the bank to bank transfer. Your ad will be online right away if it has been approved before. If it’s a new ad you create, we have to approve it before it comes online.
You get the period you paid for, if you buy 30 days advertisement, you will get 30 days from the moment we approve the ad. 1 day is from midnight to midnight, if you book at noon you will only have 12 hours advertising the first day!

Right of cancellation advertisers:
RealEscort will offer a full refund, if you within 1 hours from the time of purchase, regret that you bought the service. In that case, we will give you a full refund, and the money will be transferred back to your bank account or credit card.
Use your customer center mailbox on your ad to write to support and request money back. your message will be time stamped, so you can prove you requested it before the 1 hour limit was up.

Website accessibility:
Because our business is based on an online service on the internet, it’s very important that the website and the server are available 24 hours a day.

Should it, for any reason, happen that the server’s is offline we will add 2 free days to your service for every 1 day the service is not online.

What you put online, you are responsible for!:
Please read this and understand, anything you add to the site, text, video, pictures, images, information ANYTHING!
You have the responsibility for yourself! And you give RealEscort full right to use it on the website and RealEscort network, for as long as we want to.

You take full responsibility for everything you upload, don’t violate others copyright and trademarks, you are at all times 100% responsible for everything you add to the site.

RealEscort can and will NEVER be hold responsible for any of your acts.

Legal action:
Any legal action send to us where you violate copyright, trademark or other rights will be processed at your expense, a minimum of 250 euros per case will be charge to you, and depending on how much work RealEscort have to do, that fee will grow. Our legal hourly rate is 250 euro, and we charge per hour.

Tone and respect, be professional:
In any of the open forums we have, like your ad text, you blog, or review reply’s from advertisers, or user sending review, commenting on blogs or reviews, writing to support.
You will always behave, speak nice, the truth, and be polite.
If not you are breaking our rules, see below what happens to rule breakers.

Don’t break Racism laws.:
“All EU member states have accepted the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). They are therefore obliged to prevent, prohibit and eradicate all forms of racial discrimination and incitement to racial hatred.
The EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin and religion or belief.”
Visit “European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights” for more information

Don’t write or make statements like this:
I only see WHITE men
I only see BLACK men

Those statements are Racist! and it’s breaking the law to say this.

Privacy Policy:
Please respect others Privacy! Do not post real names anywhere on the site! If you do, you will be deleted! You also at all times accept our GDPR Privacy Policy

Website will automatically..
– Completely removes ads (and images) that has never been online and is created more than 3 months ago.

– Completely removes ads (and images) that is marked as deleted more than 1 month ago.

– Completely removes ads (and images) that has been inactive for more than 6 month.
(before system deletes it will tell you in your ad mailbox/send email, and you have the change to edit your ad, and keep it again for 6 months.)

– Completely removes user accounts with no activity in the last 12 months.
(before system deletes your user account, it will send you email, 1 month in advance, where you can say you want to keep your account.)

We reserve the right to:
Update or modify this agreement at any time without prior notice. For this reason, we encourage you to review the agreement whenever you use any of our sites. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use our services or websites no matter what form of visitor you are, customer, visitor, user, etc.

At our discretion, reject photos, videos, ads, blogs, reviews, comments to reviews etc. If any of the above is considered as not suitable for advertising on this website.

Your use of our services and sites constitutes your agreement to follow our terms of use and be bound by the agreement.


WARNING – This website may contain nudity and sexuality, and is intended for a mature person. It must not to be accessed by anyone under the age of 18 (or the age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it is being accessed).

I am over age 18 years old, and I have the legal right to possess adult material in my community.

I will not permit any person(s) under 18 years of age to have access to any of the materials contained in this site.

I am familiar with the rules governing the viewing or possession of sexually oriented materials as defined by my local jurisdiction.

I agree that responsibility for the editorial content, and/or the content of advertisers’ pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher of this website.

I am voluntarily choosing to access this site, because I want to view, read and/or hear the various materials which are available. I do not find images of nude adults, adults engaged in sexual acts, or other sexual material to be offensive or objectionable.

I will exit from this site immediately if I am in any way offended by the sexual nature of any material.

I understand and agree to abide by the standards and laws of my community. By logging on and viewing any part of this website, I agree that I shall not hold the owners of the website or its employees responsible for any materials located on the site.

This entire website, including it’s code, images, logos, and names are protected by copyright, and any infringement of said copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The creators of this website along with the services provided are released of all liabilities.